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25 58%
18 42%
Voters: 43.
Where would you prefer to live? City or the Country?
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city when im young, country when im old
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City. I've had my time in the rural areas of my state, I need more action, and a more active life.

The country is good for relaxation, but I would always want to live in the city, or at least an active suburb.
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Somewhere like Denver, where I have the conveniences of the city, but the country isn't far away when I need to escape. (or mountains in that case)
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city, i cant take it when its quiet for more than like 20 minutes


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I really dont know. Love London, I've lived here all my life as have my mum and dad but it is a ****hole. I'd like to live in Ireland, in a smaller town, one day, I've got plenty of family there so I'll know enough people.

I wouldnt like to live in out and out country though. I'd hate to be cut off from everything, and surrounded by farmers or toffs.
i live in the country now and i love it
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Country. Deer and turkeys in the back yard every morning. Cut my own firewood. Big garden.
Raise most of my own food. Piss off my deck whenever I want. Crank it up whenever I want as loud as I want. Stars. My god billions of them. Assholes - I'm the only one around I gotta put up with. Ocassional bear wandering around. Occasionally wandering around bare. Crime is non-existant. Unless you want to count the odd now and again when bored teenagers smash my mailbox. I put a target on it for them. They pretty much leave it alone now. Sometimes they'll leave me a beer in it. Neighbors that look out for you and yours. Neighbors that you do the same for. Going to the local store and gas station and being greeted by name. No matter who's working. I could do this for hours and not run out of reasons. Country. Period.
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I live in the country and it's awesome if you have friends about but I moved here a few years ago and don't really know anyone so all my friends are miles away and it's really lonely

City for me and come September that's where I'll be =)