I bought a toneport a while back, It has it's uses and High gain isn't one of them, so I'm keeping that interface for clean guitars/vocals etc.

I'm really considering Amplitube and the Metal Pack, the thing is I don't want to run through the UX1.

Is there any other way around this? I have many USB ports and although my pc is great quality, I doubt pluging directly into it's sound card would work well... I remember doing it years ago on my old PC.

Thanks for the help.

The interfaces themselves are fair really...it's gearbox which is messed up IMO.

As said, download the trials of the software and see what you like.

Amp modeling software works best with an interface. Without one you'll get latency.

I've already tried the demo, and the youtube videos seem to sound workable.

I've noticed my toneport interface just voices anything run into it, any dist/overdrive pedal etc... That's why I want to run my guitar in seperatly from the UX1.

What other interfaces could you recomend? Preferably nothing with gearbox.

Thanks again.