Me and my brother just got a corporate gig playing for 85+ people or so with two dudes we've never met. They want us to learn some stuff by The Doobie Brothers, Santana, Tommy Twotone, Rick Nelson, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Clapton. What I'm asking of the ever wise pit is what would be the must-learn song or songs by each artist.

While I'm at it, what should we charge? What would be a fairly modest amount for our services?
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well "Laya" and "Cocaine" probly for Clapton;;;; and "house of the rising sun" and maybe Knockin' on heaven's door" for Bob Dylan,, im not to sure about any of the other people
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good song

I don't like the drums in that song, to slow.

Also, thanks A6stringrythm. Any other suggestions?
The person below me is probably a homosexual.
All Along the Watch Tower - but check out the Hendrix cover
Black Magic Woman - Santana?
oh for Santana you might try "Black Magic Woman" , "Into the night" (that was a santana song before Chad Kroger sang it), Smooth (which santana does with Rob tomas

not to sure about the rest... again
Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan?
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The person below me is probably a homosexual.