So I was just browsing around the Jackson website and found the RR24M. I'm not too keen on the maple fretboard, but does anyone know if the neck is finished or unfinished?

Also does anyone know if the regular RR24 with an ebony fretboard going to come out with a unfinished neck? I mean I don't mind a painted neck as long as the lacquer on it is done well enough it won't get sticky, but I'm somewhat of a lazy person and if Jackson comes out with one I don't want to buy the painted neck only to find out the unfinished version is coming out in a week.

I'm only really asking for the heck of it, and because I thought I read someones comment about how Jackson may be coming out with one. I may end up with an RR24 but more than likely I'll get a EC-1000, but I'd like to know JIC I am able to get the RR24.
Just play the rr24 before buying.

I know what you mean tho! It had that finish on my LP. And I sanded it down. Made the word of a difference!
Yeah I like the ebony fingerboard and I'll probably just go with the RR24 if I do go with it, but what I was wondering is if the neck on the RR24M already sanded down or if Jackson is making a standard RR24 with a raw neck. Cause after playing an Epi LP (ZW one) with an unfinished neck, I have to say I like the painted looks but the raw neck is just SO fast. I can't imagine how fast a Jackson neck raw would be compared to the Epi neck.

I'd just not even bother, but I really don't think my parents would love me sanding down something I spend $1,2000 on . But if I get an RR24 I'll def do it.
i dont love the rr24 neck to be honest, but im not much of a shredder...i like lil necks
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