I had a somewhat similar discussion with my family the other day.

We determined that if you're naked in the forest and there's no one around to see you, you're still naked.

This stemmed from the statement that all beaches are nude beaches if there's no one else there.

What the discussion was about before that, I have no idea.
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thats an oxymoron...some must have pressed play in order for the tape record to play the joke...therefore there must have been someone around..you sir have been busted

could be preset to play at a certain time.

So we'll say the person presses it and walks away... the sound starts when nobody is around. K...

The joke is not funny because it is told to provoke laughter - not necessarily making it funny, but still told as a joke, right? So nobody is there to laugh, therefore the joke is not funny because it cannot provoke laughter unless heard, even if it is "funny". =]
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If a fat girl falls in the forest, do trees laugh?

Did she land on a tree? If so, one tree won't and the other trees will be laughing at the squashed tree more.