I know what a dive bomb is. But on Atreyu's Doomsday beginging solo it says horse dive So what the hell?
you strap a horse to your back and jump in a body of water.
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you strap a horse to your back and jump in a body of water.

I pissed myself. Has to be sigged.
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I assume that means quickly shaking the whammy bar so it sounds like a horse "whinnying", you couldnt figure that by listening to the track? IDK why you would really want to learn any of atreyu's new stuff, WHAT A SHAME!!!
I'm guessing it's when you jiggle the trem up and down while doing a dive bomb, making a sound similar to a horse. I really have no idea though.

My idea would go something like this (if pitches were measured from 1 to 10, 1 being low and 10 being high):

^That may be confusing :/
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you strap a horse to your back and jump in a body of water.

Oh my God. Post of the frigging day!

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LOL funny post! And it's really random that I was looking at that exact tab two minutes ago, and just to make sure that's what a horse dive was I searched for it and this came up.. like from an hour ago. Nice. Anyways.. LOL @ Chickenfrmheck
You can also achieve a horse sound using the pick to scratch up and down the g-e strings starting way up near your back pickup and sliding down. Not as cool as using the trem though. Check out Steve Vai's Bad Horsie for lots of equine goodness.
look at kristofer dahl's whammy bar harmonics in ug.tv, its all about sounding like a horse
no here is the proper horsie dive done by the latest and the greatest

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Quote by Chickenfrmheck
you strap a horse to your back and jump in a body of water.

wouldn't it make more sense to actually get on the horse's back?

i mean,

anyway, i'm not familiar with the song, but my guess is vibrato with the bar as well as diving to make a whinnying sound.
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