Whats up everyone this is my first post to the forum

I bought a new Fender Standard Strat (mexican strat) about 4 days ago and it played perfect from what i remember. The guy at the shop said he'd restring the guitar before he gave it to me so i let him cause some of the strings looked a little old

Once i got home and started playing on it though the 3rd string slipped and went completely slack, i tightened it up and it has been tight since but now there is a buzz right where the string meets the bridge. Also, theres fret buzz on strings 2-5 from the mid-range to upper frets. The store is an hour drive and when i called the kid at the store said that the string slipping wouldnt be the problem and theyd charge 50$ for a setup.

Well, I have the tools for adjusting the strat and ive tried. Even with the bridge height for these strings raised to nearly the end of the screw thread i still get buzzes.

Is my strat a piece of crap or is there something i can do? If adjusting the action as high as it goes still doesnt remove the buzz then i especially don't want to pay 50$ for a setup that wont fix it.

Thanks for any help

The buzzing at the bridge sounds a bit strange, is one of the saddle screws loose? This could be your problem.
About the buzzing in the frets, it could be that your truss rod is set too tight and you might need to give the neck some relief by turning the truss rod nut slightly anti-clockwise.
The only other explanation judging by your description is there might be a shim that shouldn't be there in the neck pocket.
buzzing at the first few frets means truss rod problems. i suggest you take it to a tech to see what the problem is at the bridge. buzzing at the bridge might be loos saddles. take it to a guitar tech.
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well it buzzes along most of the fretboard. I havent touched the truss rod setting since i bought and it. Looking at the neck from the side it looks just slightly concave.

As for the buzz at the bridge, the saddle screw is solid, the buzz goes away if i mute the string behind the bridge.

The only thing Im scared of is that the guitar is messed up somehow to where a guitar tech wont be able to remove these buzzes or ill have to play double the action of factory settings. I'll try adjusting the truss rod and see if i can get any results right now
sweet it was the truss rod. that buzz on the fourth string is still there but its nothing compared to the fret buzz thanks a lot