Has anyone replaced one before?

I've been contemplating changing the pickguard on my MIA Fender Standard Jazz Bass from a white to a white pearl.
Only thing is, I've seen a picture online of a guy who changed his, and it doesn't fit properly, so I'm a bit put off of the idea. Have any of you had problems with new pickguards before?

Also, The bass is Candy Cola (Dark red, but goes bright when caught by the sun) with a maple fretboard. I reckon it'll look good, but I don't know for sure. Opinions?
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If none of those look like they will fit your bass you can send them a tracing.
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the best way to find a part that fits, is to use original factory replacments.
find your p-guard, jot down the part number, and order it from your local GC, or any Fender dealer.
i think a Pearloid White pick-guard, on a Dark Red Jazz, would look awsome.
you must match the screw pattern.