i'm going to start teaching my girlfriends cousin how to play guitar and i want to advice on what to start with. i have some ideas, but still want some different approaches. i have some experience with teaching people, but they are my age not 10 or 11. he started playing trumpet, but quit because every got on him about his timing and everyone pressured him into playing trumpet. he shows a lot of passion to play the guitar though. i'm going to be very patient with him because i'm very good with timing since i have 8 years of musical experience. so if anyone could give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated. thanks, zack
both. i'm teaching him timing and just how to play guitar and music in general.
obviously start out with simple warm up excercises (somehow, i just cannot spell that bastard word! It look wrong :S), then open chords, then some riffs and stuff, then barre chords...
i assume he knows the major scale on trumpet

but teaching the scale over the neck and the minor

progressions like the MmmMMmD for major key and the mdMmmMM for minor key

simple chord construction triads and what not especially intervals for scales

move a little further each time

move into 7 chords and extensions matbe even inversions if he picks up really fast but i personally don't understand all that **** yet(inversions i mean not completely with intervals and al that jazz)

i would stay away from modes till your absolutely sure he get's this stuff first though

^ technique i always forget about
probably some strumming patterns

alternate picking simple songs with a metronome

hammer on's and pull off's

how to string the guitar + how to clean the neck and strings(these are very important for beginners)

stuff like that
song stuck in my head today

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