So I'm trying to learn blink-182's "all the small things" and around 1:50 into the song when its going in between two strings, i tried normal picking and i tried finger picking and i just cant get it, any tips?
It doesn't sound like he's finger picking it. Just try practicing it slowly. Practice so slow that you can get it 100% then speed it up.
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Yeah i knew he wasn't i just couldnt get it down with picking, i can do it slow, ive been working on it for a while and always screw up when it gets too fast
Practice it slowly, just because people say a song is "easy" doesn't mean it is. That part is picked quite quickly, so what you need to be concerned with is accuracy. Learn to play it at half speed first, and really master it. Get your hands used to performing the actions needed to play it and make sure the notes ring out cleanly and in time. Once you've nailed it slowly then try it a teeny bit faster, maybe 5bpm or so - if you can do i at that speed then speed up a little more, if you start to mess up then slow back down again.

That applies for anything you ever try to learn, whether you're tackling Cliffs of Dover after 8 years or you're a stone cold beginner just trying to strum some A chords.
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