OK UG Community , this is what am looking for:

-Versatile ( i play metal, pop,punk,rock.)
- i listen to metallica, Maiden, EVH, STP, Rush, The starting line, Staind,muse, gun N roses , heart, dokken, dethlok, coldplay, some beatles, underoath, X-town
- i prefer halfstack
- cost's around 2,500
- i need head and cab
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mesa boogie mark IV, amazingnly versatile amp!
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Really, with that kind of price range, you should probably try any and every amp you can to make sure that your money is well spent. That said, both of the above suggestions are good ones.
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Quote by danyellenik
mesa boogie mark IV, amazingnly versatile amp!

how much does it cost witha cab

and where can i buy one, i live in NJ