I found a vintage high-flier with a Univox Custom Archtop neck on it. heres the description; Vintage Univox Hi Flier, aftermarket pickups and neck from a 60s Univox Custom archtop. Neck has beautiful binding and plays nice, the action could be a little bit lower. The pickups sound very nice, clear and bright with a nice crunch. The guitar is old, and has the typical signs of aging (checking in finish, scratches, dents.) Overall this guitar is an 8 out of 10 and needs a little bit of TLC to make it beautiful again.

It is being bid on and is at 61 bucks now. It is my birthday soon, should I jump on it? I can probally go to 150 max, thanks.

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Sure man, go for it. It's a guitar with personality, you don't see too many nowadays.

And even if it's not too great, you're getting for less than a Squier. No big deal.
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