ya its probably a bit off beat in areas because i dont exactly record while listening to a metronome.

but hey if you cant put a beat to it atleast tell me what you think, thanks
If i had the mp3 i could probably put in basic drums, but i dont know how to download it.

Anyway I listened to VS. down. I can tell you are a good player, your rhythm sounds good for not using a metronome, and the picking/harmonics are done well. Good work on your riffs they sound polished. But, i gotta say the tone doesn't do it any justice. It's sort of tinny... kind of lacking a midrange or lower end punch I guess. It might just be how you are recording but I think with a better tone, and drums or a metronome to nail down perfect rhythm you should keep workin on this, it'll turn out good.

if you wanna check out one of mine feel free:

I had a tone problem in "to arms", you can hear its muddy but i changed how i was recording and got it much cleaner.