So i plan on covering CKY- 96 quite bitter beings
can someone tell me what kind of pedal or what I need to do to get that kind of sound with my guitar? Im kinda new.
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What guitar and amp do you have?

It's a pretty basic sound - distorted guitar, tuned down a half step according to the highest rated tab.

You'll need a guitar, an amp turned quite high if it's tube, or if it's solid state turn on a gain channel. If you don't have a gain channel you'll need a distortion pedal.
I don't really know the amp, does it have a drive/gain channel?
Specifically for tone I guess you'd want to turn the bass up, treble down some - I'm not being very helpful I realize, sorry.

edit: I'm sure someone will say it in more unkind words, but it's probably your amp that's holding you back here.
whammy pedal =)
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