garage bands little apple loops just don't have the drumming im looking for and im considering this...for those of you that have idrum what do you think of it?
and is there an alternative?
The sound isn't as loud as I would have hoped and the drum sets do not sound realistic(except for the electronica/dance set). You may like because then again I am an iPod hater.

Go Zune!
Ya man, garagebands' drum loops are pretty ****tzorzz.
I don't know what to do, they don't even have and drum beats in 3/4 time...
I have to spend like an hour just modifying a really complex ****ty loop.
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ya no kidding, well do you or does anyone else know any alternatives for macs?
or am i stuck with a 70 dollar quiet idrum?
Well personally I like GB loops, and for the record, there are a bunch of them in 3/4 time. You should learn how to use the loop browser before saying they all suck. Then again, I have like 4 gb of loops that I've added to my program.

As far as iDrum, I can't figure out how to get the damn thing to work. I hate it, it make no sense, and there are NO instructions or tutorials ANYWHERE. It's the biggest waste of $50 for me. If anyone wants to help me use it, that would be great.
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