For those of whom are lucky enough to have a Carvin, what are the hottest pickups out of the choices they give you for something like a DC127? Something that gives you a tone a la Jason Becker/ Yngwie/ Marty Friedman/ Paul Gilbert? I know that most of the guitarists I listed use DiMarzios, but I am slightly afraid to open my would be new guitar and would mopst likely not have the money for some time to buy new pickups, let alone pay someone to install them...
Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure the M22SD is the hottest after all it is supposed to be along the lines of the original Super Distortion in terms of what it's designed to accomplish. I tested it in a DC127 and ordered my DC145 with one in the bridge, I really loved it it's pretty hot and sounds great for the artists you listed, especially if you order your Carvin like I did with a coil tap so you can use it as a single coil which I know Paul Gilbert does sometimes.
One more question for Carvin fans- I was thinking of getting a DC127 with a koa top, and I can choose between regular koa or flamed koa... while flamed koa looks cooler, regular koa would be much nicer on my wallet. I can't seem to find a picture of any Carvin guitar with a regular Koa wood top. Do you think the regular koa top would look kind of close to the flamed as far as color goes?
I bet the color would be very similar, I have a friend who built a guitar which has a solid koa body which is not flamed and while it is unfinished it looks pretty good. Personally, I would go for the flamed koa because I'd say it's worth the extra money but if it's a stretch for you then save your pennies, it is your money after all.