I got my first real acoustic yesterday from my uncle. I always wanted one, just never had the money for one. He gave me the Esteban one that comes with the kit. It seems nice, but definately needs some TLC. I think it needs to be set up, but I dont have the money.

Here are the problems:
1) Low E string doesnt relative tune worth ****.
2) Intonation is way off
3) Action is ridiculously high
4) Strings seem really tight and are hard to bend.

The last one may just be the brand of strings. I am going to put on some Elixers because I LOVE them. I think they might solve my tightness problem, but I dont know how to lower the action, and adjust the intonation (atleast on acoustics). All I know is that it is really hard to play compared to some other acoustics I have played in the past. Can someone help me out?
Take it to the nearest guitar shop for a setup/repair. An online forum is good for asking general recommendations on the instruments/gear/accessories, but you can't really count "professional" help for specific problems/issues here.
im not really sure it's worth a setup/repair. it's an Esteban...
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first real acoustic and esteban in the same topic does not compute.
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^^Haha, that's exactly what I was about to say.

MXBoy11, if I were you I wouldn't dump too much money into making that thing playable - it has way too many problems to be worth fixing. As an Esteban, it has close to zero resale value (unless you scam some poor sucker, but I hope you wouldn't do that). Sorry to say, but it would make more sense to save your money to buy a better guitar.
Quote by captivate
im not really sure it's worth a setup/repair. it's an Esteban...

Oops, overlooked that part. Never mind me then...
Really? It seemed nice to me. I mean, the frets werent cut too nicely, and it plays like ****, but it sounds decent and the electrics seem nice. Well I am going to buy some new strings and atleast try to make it better because I dont feel like shelling out the money for a new one. I have other needs
^because he is new to guitar and this is an acoustic guitar forum. lets all be smart asses so he just quits and never has any fun in his life. no offense but his questions were legitamate offer information or an opinion please.
ok hears the deal as i see it the guitar is not of high quality i had one for about a week there are a few things you can do
1 i would check the neck relief follow tutorial at frets .com
2 i would sand the saddle down very slowly to try to lower the action checking it many times it is a slow procedure but if you wanna save money and learn then kinda your only optoin. frets.com would probably be your best bet for tutorials or perhaps youtube.
and yeah the guitar is a very low quality guitar but as said its your only one you may or may not be able to fix it but if it is basically unplayable now what do you have to loose. good luck.
my personal recomendation save up 200 dollars and buy a solid topped yamaha they make great starter acoustics but in the meantime buy new strings and try to fix it.