i'm trying to get the three finger technique down and my pinky moves with my ring finger, are there any suggestions on where I should put my pinky or how to stop it moving.
Your pinky is always going to move, with practice it'll move less and less.
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Start practicing slow with 3 fingers and speed up gradually.
Also, just try holding your pinky away from the bass, that helped me
Schecter C-1 Elite
Gretsch 5120
Fender Ultra-Chorus Amp
Yeah the ring finger and pinky share slot of the same muscles. So its just a matter of building the muscle memory. So just practice.
Im not sure if im answering the question right, but crabwalking focusing on my pinky and switching the other fingers im using to accompany it always works for me when my little pinkers being stubborn, he catches on fire then obeys all command BWAHAHA
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also while I use three fingers and am playing the ADG strings what should I do to make sure I don't hit the string above the one I'm using?