hello i have a gibson x plorer pro and was wondering how much one costs, im just curious cause i havnt been able to find one for sale in like a shop or anything
from what ive found it was discontinued in 03(from wiki might be wrong)

For Memories I'll Forget Tomorrow
Around $1200.
Look it up on GC or MF... it's not discontinued, unless it was and the shamans at Gibson resurrected it.
no the one i have is way different from the ones on those sites
it has mini humbuckers too and no body work has been done so they werent replaced or anything

but if thats the case i got a sweet deal still
500$ for it and the hard shell case, oh yeah it hot pink and fuzzy lol manly

For Memories I'll Forget Tomorrow
it's an explorer studio
it was discontinued and has a smaller body and mini-humbuckers
search on google

if condition is good 500 is alright
a normal explorer on ebay might be around 600-700 for cheapest so you may want to wait