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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I've no experience with them, but I hear --
It has much later breakup than the Celestion Vintage 30, and tighter bass too.

I really don't know though, have you checked the ultimate speaker thread? I think there was review for the vintage 30.

Actually, here's something from Mr Carrot:
Vintage 30: Before/After Clip of a V30 in a DSL401.
Overview by Gabel: Basically a copy of the Alnico Blue, but with a ceramic magnet and 60W power rating (the 30 designation is for the fact the speaker is 12", 30cm). But since they lack the Alnico magnet, they don't get the natural compression from it and hence sounds very spike-y and harsh at times. The name is very misleading, since these are not at all very vintage sounding speakers. Recommended in use with amps with low mids or for those who generally those who don't use a lot of mids to cut through the mix.

assuming the g12t and the g12 75t are the same...
G12-75T This is a very modern and clean sounding speaker. It has a big power rating at 75W and will generally not distort easily. Found in Marshall 1960 cabinets from the 80's and onwards (these used to be called G12-75Ms during the 80's). They have a big dip in the mids and defined treble and bass, leading to a very sweet and clean tone. They also pack quite a lot of bottom end. These are good for modern sounds, if you want a clean sounding speaker that can handle a lot of power.
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