Hey Im new here and I used to play the guitar and could play stuff like simple man, serveral other songs and alot of powercords and stuff and I knew about 20 chords and knew the letter for each of them by heart. I played for about 8 months and quit because I just couldnt make good rhythm. Back then I used the watch and learn video to get me started and branched out from there by the aid of friends.

That was 2 years ago and I have forgot almost all of it. I moved away from my gutiar friends so thats not a option. What I was wondering is I have a option from using the watch and learn videos 1&2 and going to the watch and learn rock guitar after that or spending $50 a month for 30 min a week on lessons. Im just wondering is it really worth $50 a month for a 30 min lesson a week? I mean 30 min just doesnt seem like much time to try to learn something every week when I have about a hour a day or more to practice.

Thanks for your advice.
I would say the lessons are worth it. Just about everyone can bennifit from a couple months of lessons. Once you have a feel for the basics, you don't really need an instructor in my opinion. You can continue on with books, the internet and videos after that.
I would say if you can afford it go with proper lessons but obviously if you can't afford it then videos are also a good choice, the only thing you have to be careful with is bad advice, especially in videos because you can't question the teacher's methods.
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