This is a quick and dirty recording (using my digital camera) of my drummer and I playing Bulls on Parade. At this point we had not found a singer and our bassist was unavailable, but we thought it'd be fun to record it anyway. And yes I'm aware I look like a damn fool bouncing around like a monkey and all. Comments critiques welcome and I'll do the same for yours!

ROCK THAT SH!T YO! i was head banging to that

thats some hot stuff that you guys were doing, its one of my more favourite rage songs. theres no way you can not bounce to the song, I jump around when I play anyway, its all part of being into it.
****. that was badass. and better you look like a "fool" bouncing around than just sitting on a stool playing with no emotion. you played that with ease.

your gear is pretty sweet too. was that a gibson?
Fantastic performance!!! You totally nailed the scratch solo as well!!! Also, give your drummer a clap on the back for not only a solid performance, but also because you don't see enough females pick up the drums. I loved the energy you gave off too. You guys really looked like you had fun doing this, and thats what gets the audience into it as well. You do realize though, that you'll have to re-post this when you get a bassist and singer right? Looking forward to it!!

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a bit rushed at some parts...but my god it was frikkin awesome lol
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That does sound good, but during the bass part u played on the guitar, it got kinda out time, but then back in. I don't really know the song too well, and knowing RATM that was intentional! Just slow down a little and it is gonna be awesome!
That solo is awesome, you clearly took some time to figure that one out, it's as pretty as the drummer

- You don't look an idiot jumping around, you'll be awesome live!