I'm a newer guitarist, I've only been playing about two months total. I play an Ibanez GIO with a 40 watt Marshall amplifier. It's actually* not a half bad amp for its size : D. I've been doing pretty well so far I guess, and I'm getting a distortion pedal soon. I went to Guitar Center a few weeks ago and instantly became attached to the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 pedal I tried out there. I've heard good and bad about this pedal. Most people tell me to go with it because it's not too expensive, it sounds really good(I actually agree) and for a beginner I don't need much more than that.

I was just wondering if it's a good choice for a pedal for someone that hasn't been playing all that long.
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Boss pedals last forever. If you buy it now as long as it doesn't get dropped in a toilet or something you will still be playing on it 2 years from now.

The things are like tanks.

My point being that even though you are a beginner now, you'll still have the pedal as you continue to get better.
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Get the EHX Metal Muff, it costs roughly the same and is a lot better in terms of tone and flexibility
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Before you buy the MT-2, try out the "Metal Muff" from Electro Harmonix.
It's in the same price range, but has a much more natural tone than the MT-2.
I've played both and the Metal Muff blows the MT-2 out of the water.
At least give it a try before you purchase anything.
The MT-2 costs $88.00, the metal muff is $89.25..... not much difference in price