My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. Ill be turning 20 but thats not stopping me from asking mommy and daddy for a new toy or 2.

My setup is in my Sig. I rarely use the flanger but i dont want another one. a new tremolo would be nice but the tuna does the job for now ( i also use the tremolo rarely). I was thinking about getting another DL4 since i love delay and it would be fun to use 2 at a time. I was also looking at the stereo MM with hazarai, so that would be an option.

But what i want you guys to do for me is to throw out some other pedal options. See what I'm missing and tell me what i might want to look into.

my budget can go up to 200 bucks so high end boutique recommendations are ok too.

Thanks in advance
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Micro Pog, Fuzz Factory....just because those are two pedals ive been wanting
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Not effects. Get a high end EQ pedal and use it to improve your tone.
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That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

mm a octaver would sound sweet. A whammy wouldnt be a bad idea (for sweet sweeps and stuff) either but maybe not as practical?
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+1 Fuzz Factory.
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yeah octavers are not practical at all...in general...but you seem to have the main effects....maybe a phaser?....or an EQ pedal might help too if you wanna improve your tone...or even change the tubes in you VK to improve the tone even more
"Prefiero morir parado que vivir siempre arrodillado" - Ernesto "El Che" Guevara de la Serna (1928 - 1967)
I wouldnt mind getting some JJ's or a 10 band eq. i could probably get both actually. The eq would be fun to toy with.

thanks for the responses so far. Keep 'em coming!
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