How is this cab? I'm only thinking of getting it cause I'm going to get the Little Giant and do not have a cab at the moment. I do plan on getting a larger cab down the road but I really want a new amp and def do not want to get the larger cab now. Will this thing last me, or is it any good at all?

I play everything, literally. I guess that doesn't help much haha.

I was thinking of possibly replacing the speaker a bit down the road, but this would just be a filler cab, especially since it's so small and cheap, for me to use all my heads on for now, if I get any more that is.

Thanks in advance guys.
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the cab is very good. it compliments the head VERY well. um it's stock speaker is an eminence, i can't rememver the exact model but it's a very good sounding one.
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