I want to get one of the ibanez RG tremolo guitars that have the artic frost finish. There is the RGR320EX, and the RGR420EX.

Looking at the specs it seems the only difference is in the pickups. Is that really the only difference, or should I expect better wood on the RG420s as well. I think is just the pickups.

Please help...Im getting one tomorrow. Even if you are not sure help me.
why the 570? I want the RGR320ex because of the artic frost paintjob, and ibanez neck. The pickups I can change, and the tremolo i ma turn into a fixed bridge.

But im curious about the 570 now.
The 570 will be a better guitar than the RGR. Mainly because its made in Japan and it comes with a Edge Pro bridge instead of the edge3. The edge3 is nowhere near the quality of the pro. More or less the RG1570 Prestige is the newer 570. Thats how good a 570 is.
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