She's my first electric guitar. I picked her up at the music store on saturday
I'm not 100% sure of the model. I know it's an Ibanez. It says either Gio or G10 above the Ibanez logo, but the description in the review of the G10 didn't match my guitar.

I also picked up a micro cube amp. The guitarwas origionally about 250. It was on sale (or marked down) for 150 and they gave it to me for 125. the amp was marked 135 and i got it for 99. x the guy threw in lifetime cables (the not-as-good nickle plated ones) for $10. He's sending a gig bag to my school with the school rep on thursday so i won't have to carry it to practice in my acoustic guitar case.

Does anyone know for sure what model this is?
More Info: has a switch that controls the pickups, 2 tone knobs, and 2 volume knobs
ok, thanks jake.
Now, and comments??
the pickup switch doesn't have a knob and it's bugging the heck outa me, so i need to run into the music store or some where and get one (or make one [that would be a fun project ])
The pickup selector doesn't ever have a knob? Unless you just mean the little plastic topper.
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^ +1. it's a Gio Ibanez. GAX70 to be exact. the pickup selector is like that. it's all metal. no knob or cover or whatever.
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Have fun with your new guitar!!
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