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Which band or artist made you want to learn guitar? the one that started it all and you still love to listen to! mine is guns n roses. slash rocks!! lol so whos yours?
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Rob Arnold of Chimaira inspired me.
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after watching Metallica's one video 5 years ago. i wanted to play a guitar
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Jimi Hendrix made me want to pick it up and, oddly enough, less-talented guitarists(Isaac Brock, Jack Johnson, etc.) made me go acoustic.
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It's actually a little weird for me. It sort of all hit me at once. Two kids at my lunch table are in a band, and music is the main thing they talk about every single day. Then one of my friends got me into Muse, I listened to them for a while, then all of a sudden I remembered my dad had an acoustic laying around somewhere, and it was just like BOOM! REVELATION!. So I got it out, put on some new strings, tuned it, and it all began there.

So basically Muse is the simple answer, but also sort of indirectly the kids at my table.
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The Chili Peppers, hence the screen name too
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The Libertines, only got into them just before they reunited, if it wasnt for them i wouldnt have played a gig last night, nor would my guitar be on my lap now..
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This thread is done almost every other day!

Still, Angus Young. Actually Back in Black and Hells Bells
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Synyster Gates! from avenged sevenfold, the first time i heard the cool riffs and solos he played, i decided to pick up a guitar
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AC/DC but I wasn't very motivated at first.....Then I heard Blackened by Metallica and something just clicked in my head and I had to play my guitar right then and that was about 2 or 3 years ago...
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I'd have to say that I was amazed by Jimmy Page and his amazing rock/blues sound and solos. Jimi Hendrix drove me crazy with his wahs, pull offs and hammer ons and Joe Satriani's melodies and kick ass riffs. Those three got me all hooked on the guitar.

I started with drums though, after listening to Danny Carey from Tool and Neil Peart from Rush.

And Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers is making me play the bass, but no money for bass guitar yet.
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Deep Purple.
I played "Smoke On The Water" in Guitar Hero and thought, "Wow, this solo kicks ass." So then I went to Sam Ash and got me a git-box.
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Daron Malakian of System of a Down. No fancy solos or anything, but after listening to their songs and hearing his riffs so many times I just decided "I want to do that".
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I'd always wanted to play guitar since I was little. But it was Nirvana and Green Day who really made me get serious about playing, and trying to form a band.
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Watching Metallica live made me want to sing/play
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I was inspired just by hearing a guy in my local music store shredding like crazy.
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Megadeth - after hearing tornado of souls for the first time, phoaaaar!
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I've wanted to play guitar since before I can remember. Then I heard "Fade To Black" when I was 14 and that started my transformation from another hip hopper to a guitarist. No more than a week after I started working, I bought my first guitar and soon after I bought an amp and the very third thing I learned was the intro to One.
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Originally Switchfoot, but more recently, Slayer, BFMV, my friends band Adopt The Plague (I want to be better than them)
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originally, i was like, hey i want to play guitar. so i tried it a bit, then found Eric Clapton, and he influenced me to keep going and try a lot harder. so im still playing now because of Eric Clapton
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Kurt Cobain, loooooong time ago, took me 2 years to convince my mom to get me elec
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No one band did it. I just listened to music and I thought: Being able to make those sounds would be kinda cool.
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For me it was Metallica. When I saw James Hetfield and his Explorer on concert, then I thought "damn, I wanna be like him!"
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Nikki Sixx in dont go away mad made me want to get a bass
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