Well Ive notice that I have tension in my Deltoid (upper arm near the shoulder) when I play, but more specifically when I economy pick. I can alternate pick with no worries, but when I have to economy pick, it makes my delts feel like there is alot of tension/burning.

Now I dont mean burning like when you workout or something, its like a painful/stressful not good burning. Something about that slight pause you have to take when raking across 2 strings to keep the same tempo screw it up. I thinking it may be the wa I am holding the pick though, here are some pics:

I figure if anything my problem is that I am using the meaty part of my index instead of the side. Does anyone know if this makes a large difference?

This is how I have heard other people say to hold, is it THAT much better?

Would this explain the tension and is the way hold my pick alright?
BTW my goal is to be able to eventually shred, so If the is any way of holding that gives you max speed/control please let me know
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Quote by fixationdarknes
I've never seen anyone hold it like any of those pictures. I'd have the pick rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise so that the point is facing downward.

That's the only way it makes sense to me.

Same here. That looks really uncomfortable.
Yeah, that totally explains why your delts hurt. If you hold the pick like that facing straight out from your index, you'll have to like hover your arm over top of the guitar to pick it. hold the pick with the point facing perpendicular to your thumb. Then relax your arm.
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that's very hard to control. out of the three, the last one looks okay, but you need to rotate the pick. the sharp edge should be pointing downward. go to youtube and look for paul gilbert's lesson on holding the pick. use google too.
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