I just posted a sample of a new song I have been working on in my profile (it's the only one.)

It's only the first bit - I'm thinking of making it an epic...

It peters out in the end because I haven't gotten that far yet.

Any comments on recording, writing or generally making it sound better would be appreciated. I think my head has been in it too much to be properly critical.

Apologize about the mix and the little bit of clipping near the end. Had to export it with... unusual means.
If I did it, this is how I did it.
Hey I just gave it a listen. I think the production is great so far, everything sounds good, tones correct, no unwanted noise. So I'd have to say however you've recorded it so far, stick with it, haha. My favorite part was around 1:30, the little break down i guess it is, it seemed to fit really well. I gotta say the rhythm and leads seem pretty complex at least to my ear, i wouldn't know what to write next in somethin like this but.. it seems like you've put a lot of thought into the song so I think you gotta stick to what's been workin. Somethin like this just keep going till its done... epics are like marathons. If you put in the time I can see it gettin there, good work
Thanks Man!

I almost forgot to mention the intro.

I had a bit of an elabourate clean intro setting up where this track starts, but I cut it..

Any ideas for an intro?
If I did it, this is how I did it.
maybe its cliche, but, i dig twin acoustic or clean guitars for big time intros... set up some harmonies, somr arpeggios, and build up a bit of tension.... then you drop the drums and kick in with distorted guitars

maybe easier said than done.. but hey its an idea
I could totally see it being an album opener. The production is actually pretty good, and the guitars work well together. I actually really like it.

More instruments wouldn't hurt though.. Something to make it sound fuller.

Please crit one or both if you get the chance, thanks.
lol, double clean intro... that's exactly what I had.

I even took it up a notch and ended it with one of the two doing harmonics over the other...

you're right about the cliche : )

ah well - make the beginning last, I say.
If I did it, this is how I did it.
i liked the beggining the way it is. I would only stretch out the begining before it speeds up, repeat those chords then go into the lead after that.

Other than that it sounds great ill be looking foward to more of this song.
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