Before :


new tremolo, locking nut, JB bridge pickup, pickguard. those GFS rails pickups are COMPLETE ****. dont ever buy them. i hate them big time.


here is a soundclip... i suck at playing so shush.
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I liked how it looked before alot more, but I bet it gets better tone and stays in tune better now.
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yeah, i do like the pearloid pickguard alot more, but those pickups totally sucked.

this is one i had laying around. i love it though, sounds alot better.

What kind of tremolo is it?
A kahler?
one humbucker one volume is the way to go. My green guitar (first guitar I've ever made.) is by far my favorite guitar to play because its so simple and comfortable.

Weren't you the one who did the Kahler installation thread?

It looks good - something about the gold trem and natural finish enhances the uniqueness of the one humbucker. It definitely looks custom now.

What sort of wood is the guitar? The grain looks really faint in the pics - I'm assuming it's an oil finish.
Yeah, I mentioned it thinking of the oil thread but the gloss is way too high for oil.

Looks good either way!