Im confused I dunno wbat guitar to get. I have the money but i dont know.

Epi Elitist les Paul Custom?
Gibson Studio
Silverbusrt Gibson Standard
Gibson Slash Standard
or Gibson custom LP

All LPs

What should I do for best bang for buck
Out of those, the Elitist.

A Gibson Custom is nice, but I think you'd be more than happy with the Epi.
A Gibson LP Custom would be the best guitar out of those options, but for the "best bang for the buck," I would recommend the Epi Elitist, as it is thousands of dollars cheaper and gets you as close to the feel of a Gibson LP Custom as you're going to get without actually buying one.

A Gibson Standard would also be a very good purchase, but if you're looking for the feel of a Gibson LP Custom, the Epi Elitist will get you closer (with its unchambered body and long neck tenon).
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I Would also like to state i own a Epi Custom and an Epi standard and an Epi Jr. Im selling all 3. So whatever guitar I get will be my only one.
The Elitist will give you the most for your money.

Though the Gibson Custom is outright the best there, if you can justify the much higher price tag.

For the others, I don't thin the Studio is worth thinking about at all, neither is the Slash Standard. The normal Standard might be a good go-between of the Elitist and the Custom, but I still think you'd be better off either spending a bit more and getting the unequaled quality fo the Custom, or saving money and getting the Elitist.
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the Elitist.. hands down

but only if you post pics of it here when you get it

i want to get one someday
either Gibson Slash or Custom.
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