Ok guys, quick question. I know the piece of gear that most influences one's sound is the amp... but what comes next? After one is happy with their amp, what should that person change/buy next? Pickups? New speaker? New pedals? Anything else can be added. I'm just curious and want to know what I'll be working for next. Thanks!
get a guitar that feels good to you. if you have a good amp, then you'll be made. what comes next is really up to you though. it depends on what you feel your sound is lacking. but make sure it isnt just useless **** your buying. try practicing too instead of just buying things
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My Gear:
ESP kH-202
Crate FXT 120
yamaha 500(keyboard)
1967 fenderbandmaster halfstack
schecter c1 hollow body
original crybaby wah
flutter pedal
boss mt-2
what is it about your current setup that you dont like?

if you give a few reasons, some things you'd like to change its easier for people to help you.

Thank you please.