I'm a big fan of the strokes, Arctic monkeys, The libertines and i'm wanting a thinner sound on my epiphone G310, would putting in p-90 pickups work?
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Nope. Seymour Duncan P-Rails are an option though.
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the P-Rails, when wired on a push-pull pot, can give you P90 AND single coil tones. it's a good pickup but i personally don't like the looks. the Phat Cats is a humbucker shaped P90. looks like a normal humbucker with nickel covers. whatever tone you want, either one of these would do the trick. cheers.
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The groups you are talking about use tele's, strats, and the occasional grestch so you really need to get pickups that will give you the tone of one of these pickups. I'd sugges looking at TV Jones Dynasonic (I'm not 100% sure thats what he calles it, but that is what DeArmond called it when he invented it). It's basically a minihumbucker sized single coil with 6 adjustable alnico 5 rods. The Filtertron would work too but not as well. These pickups will give your guitar more of a grestch type sound.

Your other option would be to get something like my 2face pickup which is 2 strat pickups wired together. Wire it to a push pull pot and you can toggle between real single coils and a humbucker that is slightly brighter than a regular humbucker
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