Everyone always talks about bad habits. Make sure if you're self taught that you should watch out you don't form any bad habits.

What are they? Did any personally affect you?
Don't finger the frets with the fleshy part of your finger, use the tips. Hold your thumb in the middle of the neck. Don't go in Guitar Center and play only powerchords on a full stack because that sh*t gets annoying as hell.
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down strokes. When I first Started playing I played all down strokes, I had to spend months learning to do everything with alternative picking. That was years ago, but it did take some time.
Anchoring is a fairly popular habit... some guitarist dont think its that bad.. but it definatly slows down your playing and throws off the time
holding the pick the wrong way
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he meant its a bad habit to NOT use your pinky.

I used to rest my hand on the strings when I was soloing (seeng as they were almost exclusively the bottom two strings). Managed to kick it by learning sweet child o mine solo!
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