So I'm looking for a new amp. However, I don't know what to do! Can someone tell me if this crazy idea will work?
I can get a PA speaker for next to nothing.. Would it work if say I got a pa speaker that was 300 watts and a guitar head (say the valve junior or something else with more power) and plugged it into the pa speaker? Would it sound similar to if I plugged the head into a cabinet? I'm just looking for a cheap solution to get a really loud rock sound!
i think guitar amp speakers are made special so that the guitar still sounds like a guitar, while a PA speaker might make your guitar sound something like a green polar bear choking on dirty gym socks and beavers.
Well I have to be cheap, I gots no money!! I just figured if I could get a pa speaker for cheapness/free then I could spend a little bit of money on a good head and get the tone from that and just use the pa to make it louder.