this is probably a dumb ?tion but here it goes.

If you learn scales in standard tuning and all different types of chords etc. and if you change your gutiar tuning to lets say drop d or a half step flat then does that mean you need to change positions of all the scales and chords u learned it standard?
if ur in drop d then yeah...
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If you want to play the same key, yes. Just go up the number of frets according to the number of steps you detuned. Otherwise, with oh say, Eb standard tuning, an E major pentatonic would become a Eb major pentatonic. I think. I've only had like 5 lessons so correct me if im wrong.
for the most part, except for drop tunings, the scale shapes will be the same, but the pitches will differ according to the tuning you're in.
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o ok. well one guy said if im in drop i have to. what if i am just tuned down a half step do I still need to move everything i learned up a half (because lets say I learned everything in standard tuning)

Edit: ok thank you cale
it depends

if you're doing something like D or C standard, then there's no problem, the only difference will be the key you are playing in, but that doesn't affect your playing

if your playing a drop tuning, then every note in the 6th string moves 2 frets in the scale "position"

and of course, if you're using an open tuning... well, that makes a huge difference on patterns