... I'm trying to update the solo in my tab I've already had approved, and they keep denying my update. Its actually easier to read than what it up right now. Would anyone here be able to tell me why they keep denying my updates? I'm beginning to feel like the editor just doesn't like me as a user.
You'd have to link to it for anyone to be able to give you any input. Are there no comments?
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no comments on the tab yet, but I fixed the solo (im the only one WITH the solo) and they keep denying it. I just found out they denied yet another tab of mine with no reason as well. I don't get this site. They approve the ****iest of tabs, but when a tab is right they deny it. wth.
nvm. They finally accepted it. But they still denied a tab of mine that was the only on with the solo, and they denied Heart of Misery for some reason. haha. eh