Is an ibanez rg321ex with basswood body would be good for me? for example when i buy a tube amp will it be effective for playing metal etc?.
A lot of people will talk down on Eastern woods such as Basswood and Agathis, but in reality they're just what's readily available over there. There are some brilliant guitars made out of Basswood (Ibanez) and Agathis (Indie)- you've just got to look.
and also what is the difference between rg321ex and rg2ex1 ibanez.? only the headstock or is there a quality difference
Basswood can be used for any style of playing. It doesn't colour your tone the way other tonewoods do so the sound of your pickups really ring out. Thats why I use a basswood guitar for tesing my humbuckers.
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im planning to use emg 81-60 for future so i will be fine i guess
Ah.. not quite.

Active pickups like that are tonally vapid themselves, so they rely on the guitar's other characteristics (wood, string guage, etc) to provide and define the tone.

Basswood = no distinct tone.
Active pickups = no distinct tone.
Basswood + active pickups = awful.

Basswood is good with passive pickups since it lets the pickup's tone shine through. On the flip side active pickups are good with other woods because they let the wood's tone shine through. Putting basswood and active pickups together though is stupid.
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i understand so maybe i will go with some passive ones or maybe buy a epiphone les paul when i buy the amp