Hey all, im wanting 2 improve my portable recording gear. Right now i hav a Apple laptop with cubase LE (not sure about the power of the laptop but it runs ok) and ive got a crappy midi keyboard.

Im thinking about getting a pocket pod for recording my guitars and buying a little one or two octave keyboard, and getting a drum recording program.

Its all got 2 be small so i can put it in my bag for when i go on trips or off 2 see family, just so i can continue to make music.

Can any1 recomend me an alternitive 2 the pocket pod, a cheap one or two octave (small) midi keyboard (controled and powered by USB) and a good drum program which doesnt eat up 2 much memory.

Also i use cubase le just now for making drum beats, but it doesnt hav a drum editor for writing the midi, so i hav 2 use the key editor. ive tryed everything 2 get a beat editor up but i cant find anything. does any1 know how 2 get arround this or do i hav 2 download an add-on to get it.

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You can't stream audio down the USB of the smaller PODs...
Only the XT and up will allow this I believe, (check the line6 site "compare all" feature for details).

EZDrummer - great for drums, best sounding program out there for the price IMO.

MIDI keyboards - M-Audio Keystation or Axiom boards are nice and run with USB so you don't need a MIDI interface.

I think your laptop has a firewire/1394 port on it...
so IMO I would go with a firewire interface such as the Mackie Onyx Satellite...

If you are stuck with USB, go with a USB 2.0 interface such as the E-MU 0202 or 0404.

If you are on a tight budget and need an all in one solution which has a MIDI keyboard and interface in one box, the Line6 KB37 may work well for you although I don't think line6 is anywhere near top notch when it comes to sound...