Im gona learn guitar and was looking at whats avalible.

Is a Yamaha Pacifica 012 with a GA-15 amp good for a beginer?

I have found it for £150 is this a good deal???
Yes definatly!

Well the guitar anyway...

I've been playing electric for 3 years now and i still often go back and use the PAcifica... wonderful guitars. Definatly get it for a beginner

I dunno bout the amp though.
Yea, the guitar is great, I use mine everyday and I've been plyaing for 4 years. The amp seems like it should be alright for a starter.
If you get to a stage where you want a new amp, there are plently of good amps which don't break the bank, so I'd say go for that package.

The package also comes with stand, case, turner, dvd and a wire.

Sounded a good deal to me
dont get the 012. imo, the 112J is so much better, it's worth a little more money.

what's your budget? what type of music do you play?

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