My bands "tag-along bassist" is back and now things are really sh*tty all over again. I call him tag-along because he was never really apart of this band and just kinda showed up and elected himself a member. And now, he has the audacity to try and lead the band, which I started. Now, he's f*cking pushing for a goddamn hardcore band. I've already voiced my opinion about it to the singer and other guitarist, but they seem to be down with it. I can't leave the band because there's no where else to go. So, here's the new set list: (the songs are in no particular order yet). I picked a grand total of about 4 songs on here. They are listed in bold

Air That I Breathe -- All That Remains
Ashes Of The Wake -- Lamb Of God
Sorry Your Not A Winner -- Enter Shikari
Raining Blood -- Slayer (thank god)
Black Label -- Lamb Of God
Are You Dead Yet? -- Children of Bodem
Cowboys From Hell -- Pantera
A Monument Encased In Ash -- The Showdown
Disciple -- Slayer (again thank god)
Smoke 'em If ya got 'em -- Parkway Drive
Pull Harder on The Strings Of You Marytr -- Trivium
Decieved -- Trivium
Tilting The Hourglass -- Alesana
Bark At The Moon -- Ozzy Osbourne
Embrace The Gutter -- The Autumn Offering
Crazy Bitch -- Buckcherry
Gimme A D -- Parkway Drive
I Set My Friends On Fire -- Aiden
Walk With Me In Hell -- Lamb Of God
Entombment of A Machine -- Job For A Cowboy
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Personally I think thats a pretty good set list, and most of it sounds like they'd flow, with the exceptions of enter shikari and buck cherry. but dont worry about it, if you really dont like it then leave, otherwise just put up with it, just have fun, dont hold grudges
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Why'd you let him in the band?

Trust me, I didn't. We needed a bassist for the talent show, so the agreement was, he would practice with us "until" the talent show, and then not anymore. But now, he thinks he's back in the f*cking band, again! I can't kick him out on my own because he's good friends with the other guitarist, and that would go over pretty bad with him.

Actually, that Buckcherry song is gonna be completly redone by us. Its kinda like our parody cover
change the place/time that you practice and make sure the other 2 dont tell him when and where, if you cant do that then you could try confronting him but i dont think that would do much unless you kick the sh*t out of him
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There could be a few things wrong.
1. You could be the problem, i'm not saying its true, but you sound like you are controlling and acting like you own the other members. You aren't the whole band.

2. The bassist could be invading on what you've started like you said. But look on the bright side. At least you have a bassist. Good/committed bassissts are hard to find.

1. Open up your array of music.

2. Talk to other members of your band and see what they have to say. Decide from there.

3. Have a confrontion with him and the band. See if he can be more open to what you say and vice versa. Try to compromise.

4. If 3 doesn't work then other a) kick him out and find a new guitarist(assuming other guitarist leaves with bassist) new guitarists are easier to find than bassists, or b) leave and start a new band.

On a side note: How dare you insult Pantera by calling them Pantara. It's almost as bad as when one of my friends told me that he was asked if he wanted to listen to Panteria.
^I'm with drag the waters on this one. I think your best bet is to explain why you think those songs are poor choices and take it from there.

I also suggest replacing some of the covers by writing more original songs. That way you control what type of music you play and you have the bonus of creating something new.

and Panteria
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those songs aren't songs by hardcore bands. metalcore≠hardcore.
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Ok so first things first. Pantera was a typo, so, while I thank you for the "advice" (and I use that term very loosely), if your gonna be a f*cking prick about it then just leave. Actually, this wasn't a thread about my band problems. Instead, it was more of a rant and a showing of our new set list.

I've come to terms with being a hardcore/metalcore band, it doesn't bother me anymore. And I'd like to add that I'm not the only one with a problem with the bassist, I did however start the band and usually the one who gets everyone together. I'm pretty damn sure that qualifies me as the leader, but I always ask the band what they want to do, and if they want to push in the direction of "core" music, so be it.
My beef was that the bassist kept saying "my band" and commanding everyone around. He didn't start it and has no right to act like he did.

There, my rant is over. I feel a lot better now
Sorry if i came off as a prick, I was just tryin to help. Although I disagree with the idea that there should be a 'band leader' rather than it being a group effort I see what your saying. I think both of you are trying to be the only one that makes desicions and that's creating a lot of tension. That's great that you can venture into other styles, you are compromising, but now you need to talk to him and tell him that he needs to compromise as well in order for it to work.
^Sorry, I wasn't talking about you anyway. It was the other guy

Actually, its being resolved with my resignation from the band. Its not fun anymore, the other guitarist and my supposed "best friend" pretty much betrayed me (I'm not giving any details).

I'm looking to start a thrash/metalcore band anyway. If you happen to be interested, let me know
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On a side note: How dare you insult Pantera by calling them Pantara. It's almost as bad as when one of my friends told me that he was asked if he wanted to listen to Panteria.

Walk is my favorite song by Pantera. ^_^

But yea I have that same problem, it's when you know if you're in control the band would be very successful but they don't give you enough respect. I say leave and get a band together with people who will actually LISTEN. Girls listen very well. =]
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