Hi guys,

I've been playing guitar for a few years now and was thinking of getting rid of my first guitar, Westfield E1000. I got it because it was cheap and i didn't know if i'd stick to the guitar but since then i've moved onto using a strat. So, as I say i was thinking of getting rid of it but i had the thought of maybe doing it up and making it at least half decent.

So basically i'm just looking for some basic high level advice on what i would need to do, how long it would take, the cost and is it really worth trying to do it up.

As i say, i have absolutley no experience in this field at all but hey, we all got to start somewhere eh?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well, the place to start is to replace the pickups. I don't know haw long it would take, since I've never done it before, but it doesn't seem too hard. The cost would vary depending on which new pups you buy.

If you want, I can email you a book that will tell you everything you need to know about modifying your guitar.

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Hi joeval,

That would be brilliant, its something i'd very much like to learn.
Replacing pickups is definitely good. Pretty easy too, if you have some basic soldering skills (and a soldering iron, solder, etc.). You buy the pickups, they have two (or four) wires sticking out, and you solder the two or four wires into your guitar after removing the old pickups. You can find soldering guides online.
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There you go. Think it sent!
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Ha, I'm thinking of buying a westfield strat to mod out, cos they're cheaper and look slightly better than squiers, I'm completely skint just now, But i was going to wire the pickups in series, I was going to make the controls just three tone and three volume knobs, (Although it'd look like alot it'd be quite easy to navigate and dead versitlie) refinish it and convert to a hardtail.

There's this thing called the ULTRA STRAT mod that some dude from here invented, that gives you like every consievable pickup conviguration.
edit: http://www.1728.com/guitar2.htm
i wouldnt do anything to it, ive got one the neck is awesome but the body is plywood

so just use the neck in a build...thats what im doing

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Is it? I'd have thought it'd be a little better than that, I mean, they do them in sunburst, do they veneer it or something?
yea i checked the wood under the pickguard and if u look its definity plywood, mine might be an older modle or somthing though

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Do you think it'd be worth me replacing the pickups etc on it anyway just as practice so to speak.

How much more difficult is it to wire up an empty body rather than just replace parts?

Also, if i did replace the pickups could i then remove them and use them in a future build?