I got a new Fender Strat back in December, and several months ago i brought it for a setup at Sam Ash (i have a service contract). Afterwards i noticed it was really hard to use the whammy bar, and on the service sheet it said 'added one tremolo spring' which i guess was the cause of this... I can still use it, but it's definitely not as easy to push down as it was b4 the setup, and it makes a springy sound when i use it. I was just wondering if this is bad for the guitar or if its normal for a guitar tech to do this... They should know what theyre doing lol...
Technically they should have asked you before they put it in there, but you can take it out very easily.
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if you take the spring out now, the bridge will lift.

so, you can bring it back, get a lighter gauge string, let them take out a spring.

or if you like ur string gauge, you can loosen the trem screws a bit, the bridge might raise a little, but as long as it's slight, and still balanced, you;ll be fine.

while you are in there, you can lube contact joints and weave some cotton in the springs to quiet them.

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I don't know how familiar you are with guitars, but tremolo springs are located in the back of the body. If you screw open the little plate on the back, you should see a couple of springs (usually three). Too many springs causes it too be hard to move, and too few will cause it to be too easy to move.
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If you have too few and you put a thicker gauge of strings on this will cause the bridge to lift and you will need to put an extra spring in... Myself I have 5 springs in whether I'm using light or heavy strings, I just like the feel of the tremelo when it's tight.
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