Ok heres my new project. I have aquired a Yamaha sbg200 electric. This is a really nice guitar its very heavy mahogany body set neck 2 humbuckers 2 tone 2 volumes. Its got stickers on it and its beat up dinged and it had a broken headstock. I paid 80$ and i came with a fender practice amp. The neck pickup didnt work but it played good out of the bridge.

I reapaired the headstock by finishing the break (which was clean thank god) and clamping it with titebond III from my hardware store 6$. I strung it up and tested the stregnth it seems solid so im going to proceed with custumizing this into a metal guitar because i have acoustics and a nice strat that doesnt quite cut it for metal.

I took the guitar all apart its ready to sand down for a refinish. I bought EMG 81-85s and they fit right in to the fricken holes perfect. The rings will not work i will probably have to make some or find some new ones though. Ill try to post some picks before i start the sanding tonite if my sister will let me use her camera. Im planning on repainting it black nothing fancy. Thats the color it came in. It should sound great after its completed though becasue its such a nic mahogany body loads of sustain.
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EMG's with a strat! Nice setup! I've always liked the idea of HH strats. Be sure to put up some pics!
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No the EMGs are going in the yamaha the strat is just one of my others. I was saying the Strat doesnt cut it for metal but its good for other stuff so i am making a new metal guitar out of an old 80s late 70sish yamaha like this one but black.
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