The June 2nd track is the new song. I've been working on it for awhile but can't put my finger on a verse for some reason. Other than that please give it a listen. Mostly one acoustic guitar with some layering of a second. I'm getting pretty good a recording and mixing. If anyone as any lyric idea I would accept proposal as well.


a good thing for vocals could possibly just be saying Die Mother F**ker all the way through..
It's really good the extreme panning is kinda disorientating, so maybe draw things a little more centered, it's a cool idea but it doesn't always work in practice.

I like the style of the thing, maybe a little too many effects, try and clean up the sound a bit?

good track though, i don't think it needs vocals really, I can't see how they would fit or why they're needed.

Too much gain = Ears in pain