okay, heres the problem. my G string [laugh away] has some horrible fret buzz on the first and second frets, and when its open as well. and i cant get the guitar to stay in tune at all (its a floating bridge). this wouldnt normally be a huge problem, but i have an all day band practice tomorrow and i leave for a week long camp saturday that im supposed to be playing at. the nearest repair place is about an hour out. is there a way to fix this myself? im hoping its just a truss rod and new strings fix...
try to lock the bridge and then tune it. might solve the problem.
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if your guitar is falling out of tune (the strat?) i'm guessing the bridge is lifted.

is the bridge raised in the back?

if it is, then level the bridge by tightening the trem screws in the back cavity,
adding a spring, or going with a lighter gauge string.

after the bridge is balanced and the strings are broken in a little, then try intonating.

as for the g string buzzing, it could be how it's sitting in the cut of the nut, could be that the string is old, or it could be that you dont have enough bend.

if you go with a lighter gauge, you'll need more neck bend or end up with more buzz than before, so repost if you need a talk thru a neck adjustment.

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