Well so a while back i decided to build my own tube amp. after checking out a few of them on here and 18watt.com and other various forums that go into building tube amps, and reading the great amp handbook i decided it was time. I decided ont he jcm800 2204 50w amp. so i ordered most of the parts from ceriatone. The chassis, the tube sockets, the trannies, most of the resistors and capacitors the front and rear plates and various other things. I ordered the tubes from eurotubes and got a few other things from my local electronic supplier.

I got everything and started to get to work. now my camera was on the fritz while i was building most of it and then when i got it foxed i figured i'd just wait till it was done. So sorry for no "in the process" shots but on my next amp i will have to do that. I also built the cabinet in the fashion of a bluesbreaker style form the 60's. i always thought those combos looked cool and vintage and i'm a big fan of playing through combos so i decided to breka the norm and go with that style. I also built a small box style head to put the chassis in, in case i ever needed to play it out of my 4x12 cab. But since most of the gigs my band plays are in small clubs and are always mic'd, th combo better suits me to haul around.

In the combo cabinet i have 1 celestion vintage 30 (rated at 60w) and a weber speaker motor (50w) to handle the load. i bought the tolex and piping on ebay as well as the rest of the parts. I cut and put it together myself. May not be the prettiest but its the first time i ever did something this intriquite with woodworking. (high school shop class didnt quite prepare me for that ) The covering was the hardest part since I never really did it before and the adhesive was a pain but i think it worked out ok. I might go back and redo it with better adhesive. i think my stuff might have been a little old.

As far as the wiring of tha amp goes i followed the layout on ceraitone. you can find it here. http://www.ceriatone.com/images/layoutPic/marshallLayout/JCM800_2204Ceriatone.jpg

and just basically tried to be as thorough as possible. when it was all said and done i went to fire it up for the first time and alas.....nothing.

so i went back over my wiring and realized i had two wires switched so i fixed them and then fired it up again and......... nothing.

so i was perplexed because i checked everything a bunch of times and checked continuity. so then i had a frien dlook at it who knew a little more about electronics and he went over everything and found nothing wrong in the wiring and the componenets were fine. then he checked the fuse. Yep bad fuse. Doh. so we got a new fuse and fired it up and we got sound.

So everything was running great but i was getting a weird buzz witht he preamp maxed out. Well i realized it was that my circuit board wasn't tightened so i tightened it up and now its running perfect. well almost perfect. I think i might change a some components to beef it up a bit. Tone down the brightness a little and increase some gain. Anyone have any mod suggestions? I'll try and record some sound clips when i get my recording gear back up and running but here are some pics.

It may not be the most neatly wired or perfectly tolexed amp, but hey, this is my first attempt at building a handwired tube amp from little to no instruction. ( all i had was a layout and a schematic) So i am proud of it.

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Woah nice!!!

way to go man

soundclips please?!?!
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Woah nice!!!

way to go man

soundclips please?!?!

i"ll try to get some as soon as i get my recording gear set back up. i wanna record it before i tweak it and after i do some tweaking.