wat bands other than chimaira, as i lay dying, hatebreed and killswitch engage use drop c tuning?
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Almost every band of that style.

Hatebreed uses C standard, by the way. Most people just tab them out as Drop C.
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System of a Down used Drop C for their first 2 or 3 albums, then switched over to Drop Dflat
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"We Are One" and I think even "Nottingham lace" are drop C
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36 Crazyfists do
dunno whether thats all their songs or just some
the Zico Chain (if you havent heard of them you should check them out cus they own)
i think Parkway Drive use drop C in some of their songs =S
a lot of Job for a Cowboy uses drop C
The Faceless do
and As Blood Runs Black