My new band is playing in the school talent show, we need to get though to the final because if i dont my old drummer will lampoon me.

Where a 3 pices, guitar, drums and bass (instrumental) we all like metal/rock

any good song idea's, somethign the people will know, some good intro's to songs e.g. hells bells which leads into offspring pretty fly....

any help???
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My advice to you is play what you want and have fun. Do what you want to do, not what they want. However, if you're in it for popularity (it's a talent show so I guess you are), then definitely avoid the metal, because most people won't know it. Some guys at my high school did some RHCP songs and the people went nuts for it. Look around at what's popular in your school (look at their t-shirts, etc.), because if someone played Offspring around here we would hurt them severely.
Achilles last stand by zeppelin
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I might try Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother and segue into some easily recognizable rock anthem. I would say Nirvana but Wolfmother and Nirvana really don't go together.



EDIT: by the way, Wolfmother is a three piece band as well, guitar/vocalist, drums, and bass.
Just do an ACDC song, they're very recognizable and really popular with the 14 - 18 year old crowd (Aren't they?).

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try whats my age again or song 2 by blur

or whatever u think is fun for you!
alrigh, we just did the exact same thing at my high school, i heavily recommend trivium "dying in your arms" for at least one song, we are a 3 piece, with one of the guitarists singing, and it is a very easy song. also you get a good blend with very minimal "screaming" and a lot more singing while still hard rockin' the song worked EXTREMELY well for us and people loved it

good luck
For an instrumental band to "wow" the audience, you need catchyness. They aren't all musicians so picking recognizable songs for EVERYBODY will be hard.

My suggestion: do some Daft Punk covers. Yeah, they're techno but seriously.. check out songs like Da Funk, Aerodynamic, Robot Rock.

There might be tabs for them but I'm not sure, they wouldn't be too hard to figure out by ear.

And how many bands have you seen at a school talent show play techno? It'd be nice and original. :P
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